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Paella Pizza

Paella Pizza

Translation of Polish text: Come to Pizza Hut. Vomit.

I guess we should have seen this coming.  After the Paella Sandwich from Tesco and last month’s Patatas Bravas with Chorizo Soup from The Covent Garden Soup Company, it was only a matter of time until these two icons of their respective countries’ gastronomies were bought together in this unholy matrimony.

So here you have it, this time from Pizza Hut in Poland.  Unless this is a joke, they are now offering a Pizza Paella.  Of course, no marketing of any Spanish product would be complete with a reference to the national hobby, bullfighting, so this particular abomination will be delivered to your door by a brooding matador with appropriate Spanish-style oiled black hair.

I’m sure Ryanair and Easyjet must be seriously troubled by these recent culinary innovations.  Soon Europeans won’t even have to take a €29 flight to Madrid to get a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine.  Pizza hut customers might even go the extra step and divide this pizza into small pieces to be enjoyed as tapas.

Are you in Poland?  Have you seen or tasted this train-wreck of dish?  Do you have a recipe for paella pizza? Or even pizza paella? Can you even get your head around such a dish? Are you a Valencian contemplating suicide based on this news?  Leave us your thoughts below.


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